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01 Pansies
      First Annuals That Can Grow in Early Spring, They're Easy and Cheerful Flowers for a Kids' Garden
02 Potatoes
      Super Tubers Are Among the First to Go In to the Garden In Spring
03 Onions
      If Your Theme is a Salad Garden, This Two-Stage Plant Favorite Is a Must!
04 Basil
      This Herb is a Must If You're Growing a "Salad Garden" or a "Pizza Garden," and It's a Real Winner at Farmers Markets
05 Pumpkin Patch
      A 'Must' for Childhood: Growing Garden Gorillas
06 Radishes
      Easy to Grow, Fast to Harvest, Fun to Eat!
07 Morning Glories
      Kids Love the Glorious Blossoms From This Perky, Butterfly-Attracting Vine
08 Beets
      Easy-to-Grow, Colorful Veggie Is a Possible Double-Cropper, Too
09 Green Beans
      Easy to Grow, Good Eating, and Great Prop for a 'Jack and the Beanstalk' Play
10 Iris
      Star of the Spring Flower Show, and So Easy to Grow
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