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01 Building a Raised Bed Garden
      A Simple Frame Holds a Deeper Soil Base, and Better Harvests!
02 Building a Garden Fence
      Critter Control With a Simple Chicken-Wire Barrier
03 Watering Systems: Rain Barrels, Bucket-Drip Irrigation, and Plain Old Hoses
      The Best Ways Are the Cheap, Practical, Simple Ways
04 Compost Bin
      Several Simple Styles to Create This Crucial Garden Feature
05 Permaculture
      Creative Support Structures, Stakes, Cages, A-Frames, Arbors, Trellises, Fences, Tunnels, Tepees . . . All Set the Stage for Plants That Like to 'Dance'
06 Building a Trellis
      Simple A-Frame Structure Helps Cucumbers, Melons, Squash, Clematis, Climbing Roses, and More
07 Bean Teepee
      Imagination and Relaxation Epitomized in a Garden Focal Point
08 Crawl-Through Tunnel
      Give Kids a Wacky Play Area, and Get Gourds, Squash, Mini-Pumpkins or Other Climbers Up Into the Air
09 Plant Playhouse
      A Living House, With Walls of Plants . . . What a Hideout!
10 Root-View Box
      Getting Up Close and Personal With What's Growing Down and Dirty
11 Cold Frames, Row Covers, Hot Caps & Hot Beds
      Growing Season Extenders That Can Increase Your Yields
14 Indoor Seed-Starting Artificial Light Set-Up
      Use PVC Pipe Parts and Two Fluorescent Shop Lights on Chains to Simulate the Spring Sun
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