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Bug Box


Paper milk or juice carton | Clorox bleach and water

Knee-high pantyhose or one leg of pantyhose

Scissors or box cutter (make sure to have adult supervision)

Construction paper, stickers, markers

Magnifying glass

  1. Clean out the carton with mild soap and water. Especially if it contained milk or cream, you might want to soak it for a few minutes in a solution of nine parts water and one part Clorox bleach. Air dry.
  2. An older student, or an adult, can cut out a viewing rectangle from the carton, or perhaps one from either side.
  3. You can cover your bug box with construction paper, and/or decorate it with stickers and markers.
  4. You may add sticks and leaves inside, to create a bug-friendly habitat.
  5. Slide the carton into the stocking and carry it out into "the wild."
  6. Collect insects, place them in the bug box, and watch them for a while.
  7. Keep them contained by tying the stocking in a loose knot at the top.

NOTE: grasshoppers and crickets have been known to eat their way through the stocking, so it's probably not possible to keep them for long.

After a good look, perhaps with a magnifying glass, release insects back to their natural habitat.


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By Susan Darst Williams www.KidsGardenClub.org Bugs, Etc. 02 2010

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