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Bug Vacuum


2 drinking straws, one larger in diameter than the other

Piece of nylon stocking | Tape

            Here's a fun and harmless way to collect small insects on a bug hunt and inspection in a bug box:

  1. Cut the smaller straw so that it measures one-third of the length of the larger straw.
  2. Place the nylon over the smaller straw.
  3. Slide the smaller straw, with the nylon over it, inside of the larger straw, but stop just before the stocking disappears.
  4. Pull the inside straw back slightly. Check to make sure stocking holes are not stretched apart.
  5. Tape the two straws together so that they do not slide, but are tight.
  6. Use this just like a regular straw. Only instead of sucking up milk or a shake, you will be sucking up tiny insects. The nylon will protect you from swallowing the little critters.

Maybe you can keep the bugs you collect for a while in a Bug Box. See how to make one in the next article in this category on


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By Susan Darst • Bugs, Etc. 01 • © 2010


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