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Tissue Paper Flowers



New or leftover tissue paper, one or more colors

Pipe cleaners, preferably green but any color will do





After Christmas, a birthday, or any time there's extra tissue paper around, it's a great time to "grow" a bouquet of flowers!


Simply tear or cut flower shapes from the tissue paper. It's fun to layer contrasting colors and prints to make your flower more three-dimensional. Use any colors you like! Who says flowers don't come in zebra stripes? Who says flowers don't have big, circular petals?


Cluster your tissue paper "petals" or flower parts together, and poke a hole through the center of them. Careful! Use either the end of a pair of scissors or the end of the pipe cleaner.


Stick the pipe cleaner through the hole about or inch. Then bend the tip of the pipe cleaner down, to hold the tissue paper "petals" in place.


You can shape the tissue paper parts to look more real, and bend the pipe cleaners as you arrange the flowers so that you can see each flower "head."


These look great by themselves or all together in a vase or even an empty bottle. They're especially fun during a long, cold winter when real flowers won't grow outside. Best of all, these flowers don't need any weeding or watering!


By Susan Darst Williams www.KidsGardenClub.org Arts & Crafts 2012



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