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Garden Tools

            You probably don't need all of these tools for a kids' gardening club, but it would be nice to pull together as many as you can. Parents, neighbors and friends might be willing to give up used ones, and garage sales and are good sources.

The only tools you might need duplicates of include gloves, spades, hand trowels and hoes. Try to have one for every two or three kids so that all can be busy during work sessions.


§  Gloves

§  Garden fork

§  Spade (long, skinny shovel)

§  Shovel

§  Steel rake

§  Hand trowel (the heavier and sturdier, the better)

§  Cultivator

§  Clippers

§  Hoe

§  Garden hose

§  Sprinkling head for hose

§  Watering can, preferably with a rose (round sprinkling end so that the water sprinkles out, and doesn't rush out)

§  Tall tomato cages (5 feet or more for most varieties; try to find them ready-made on or in garage sales, or have someone make you some out of reinforcing wire grid made for concrete, as long as the openings are 6" x 6", wide enough for you to put your hand in and take out a big tomato without squooshing it)

§  Tall bean poles (these need to be sunk at least one foot underground to be sturdy)

§  Tent stakes to secure cages to the ground

§  Nylon pantyhose, jute string, or plastic garden tape to tie tomato stems to their supports, etc.

By Susan Darst Williams • • Practices 07 © 2011

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