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Watering Calendar


A spare month-by-month hanging calendar that you can hang near the garden

A pen or marker hanging near the calendar, perhaps by a string

            Hang a calendar near your garden and set up a watering schedule with the kids.

            Assign gardeners to water all or part of the garden on particular days, and to record any water that is in the rain gauge.

            If your club is meeting once a week, gardeners can split up the gardening duties on that day, but perhaps two more times a week, a different gardener or team should be assigned to come and give those plants a drink.

            A gardener should initial every time he or she watered or recorded rain gauge contents, to build responsibility and accountability. If the seedlings are shriveled or standing dead in a flooded bog, the gardeners as a team will have to bear the consequences, so each individual gardener's actions are crucially important.

By Susan Darst Williams • • Practices 10 • © 2011

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